AAU Center for Linguistics

* Meet Chomsky (Mrs Götzsche’s late cairn terrier; passed away on 26 Jan 2012)


The primary aims of CfL are

1. to support, encourage and collaborate in RESEARCH in THEORETICAL LINGUISTICS,

2. to support, encourage and collaborate in RESEARCH in the field of COMPARATIVE LINGUISTICS with a focus on Formal Linguistics and Linguistic Typology, including

• Cognitive and Experimental Linguistics,

• Computational and Quantitative Linguistics,

• Language Acquisition, Learning and Teaching,

• The Teaching of Grammar,

• Style and Syntax,

• African Languages, Scandinavian Languages, Finno-Ugric Languages, Russian, Slovak and Turkish.

 # CfL organises the

Cercle Linguistique de la Scandinavie (CLS)

which is an aperiodic series of meetings taking up for discussion topics in linguistics.

Membership is not open.

CfL will organise the 26th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics:

see Research & SCL26